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Peter CrockerSpecialising in digital communication, I write copy for websites, emails, online advertising, case studies and promotions. I have worked in the online advertising and direct marketing industry for over a decade.  Over this time, I have worked on projects for many major companies including Microsoft, Telstra, Holden, Nestle, AAPT, Canon, 3, Mitsubishi, Nokia and DoubleDay Australia. More >>

My expertise as a business copywriter is also on display at Flying Solo, an online resource brimming with small business advice. Read my articles here.

I began my career as a copywriter for direct mail book company Doubleday, where I wrote direct marketing brochures, direct mail letters, advertisements, editor’s letters and sales letters for new member recruitment.

From there I moved into online marketing for The Eclipse Group, where I was responsible for managing content on www.holden.com.au. Since 1998, I have worked exclusively on marketing online.

Before setting out on my own in early 2002, I was working in the management of online marketing (email marketing, website development, online advertising, promotions) for www.microsoft.com.au with interactive agency, OneDigital.  

I also have a Bachelor Degree in Business with a double major in advertising and marketing.

To discuss how I can help you, please contact me at peter@petercrocker.com.au.


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